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Contact your closest agency

Boulder County Housing and Human Services
Becky Thelen  |  (720) 564-2279

Denver Housing Authority
Kay Kroll-Bradley  |  (720) 956-3809
Email DHA

Visit the HUD website for a full list of agencies:

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Plan of Action

Upon contacting an agency and scheduling an appointment, you’ll have the peace of mind having a plan of action with a quick turnaround.

Guidelines & Qualifications

Limited assistance is provided to qualified homeowner(s) who have experienced a temporary disruption in income, unforeseen expenses or other hardship which caused, or is anticipated to cause, the homeowner to fall behind on their mortgage, Home Owners Association or real estate tax payments.

The Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) creates a temporary bridge to help stabilize a housing situation and avoid relative detrimental credit and other issues associated with mortgage delinquency.

Homeowner(s) must attend a counseling session with a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved Housing Counseling agency to determine program eligibility.

The homeowner(s) temporary financial hardship must be unforeseeable, outside of their control, be resolvable and unlikely to reoccur.

Funding to support mortgage payments, HOA and/or property tax payments may not exceed a maximum of $6,000.

The homeowner(s) must demonstrate the ability to resume mortgage, HOA and tax payments (as applicable) after MAP assistance has been provided.

Property must be owner-occupied and must be the homeowner(s) principal residence.

MAP Application Process


Client meets with Housing Counseling Agency. Completes all disclosures.


Housing Counselor submits grant application.


Applicant Review Committee reviews application and responds with approval or denial
(within two weeks).


If approved, funds will be transferred to referred parties (Counties, mortgage Assurance and/or HOA).