Pete's Story:

CHC Success Story:
Honoring the choice of where one hangs their hat

Peter T.
Property Tax
CHC assistance: $3,180

  • Pete is 65 y/o and has owned a cabin in Ward, CO since 1992. 

  • He has always planned to the cabin full-time, but only after a $600/mo child support bill (paid religiously) was fulfilled. 

  • In the meantime, he rented the cabin to a friend who agreed to pay property taxes, but the payments were never made.

  • Pete has no mortgage and very minimal expenses, so his social security and public benefits are enough to make his low-amenity mountain lifestyle, sustainable. 

  • When Pete was ready to move in, he pre-saved money for property taxes, only to learn that this put him over asset limits, terminating his benefits. Loss of benefits left Pete in a dire situation that could have left him homeless. 

  • The Colorado Homeownership Coalition stepped in to help Pete cure his delinquent property tax payment and prevent a tax sale.

We may not all choose a lifestyle with little income and few amenities; however, this is Pete’s version of the American dream. With a little support from CHC, Pete was able to maintain his lifestyle and save the place he calls home.