Our recipients
the beare family

This is the first family that we have helped, and we are so honored to do so. Olivia Beare’s husband, Steven, set out to climb Mount Elbrus in Russia and was overcome by a 2-day whiteout storm. Steven did not return.

Efforts were made to locate him and then with no success, to retrace Steve’s route. Unfortunately, they have not found him, nor any of his gear. Olivia and her son were put in a situation with their home and their mortgage that seemed insurmountable. Olivia says, “Just keeping our lives going as we had planned is really important to me.”

Because of the generosity of the many donations to our cause, we were able to assist the family and help Olivia stay in her home.

Colorado Homeownership Coalition was created to help those who have fallen on unforeseen difficult time from work layoffs to medical issues and everything in between. Our organization provides mortgage assistance to homeowners experiencing a temporary disruption in income. Our goal is to become one of the go-to agencies to help our partners and clients stay in their homes. Helping homeowners go from uncertain to secure.