George's Story

CHC Success Story:
Changing road blocks into stepping stones.

George R.
CHC assistance: $5,491

  • George is a single-parent caring for a 15-year old son. The two live in their home, conveniently across the street from the school his son attends. 

  • A series of unfortunate events—divorce, becoming a single parent, while starting a new business— caused him to fall behind on his current mortgage and a dormant second mortgage.

  • George worked with the mortgage company to modify his first mortgage and has not missed one payment since. At that time, he was advised to stay focused on the first mortgage and received no collection/modification attempts or any communication about the second mortgage until the deed was sold to a collection agency.

  • Foreclosure proceedings began and the settlement amount ballooned to more than double. 

  • The collection agency offered George a tiered monthly payment that is sustainable for him moving forward. However, to be eligible for the plan, George must pay a $5,491 down payment which he is unable to afford.

  • The CHC stepped in to pay the initial for the down-payment, granting George the monthly payment plan, preventing foreclosure, and enabling George and his son to bounce—not break. 

George stayed positive and well-organized throughout this journey, and his business continued to grow despite facing adversity. He is diligent about staying on track, already exploring future refinance options to further support his mission to thrive.