Melissa’s Story

CHC Success Story:
Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Melissa S.
Work Injury
CHC assistance: $4,888

  • Melissa experienced a series of back-to-back hardships. She needed to relocate temporarily to care for her sick mom, so she rented out her condo to cover her mortgage expense while she was away. Unfortunately, the tenant broke the lease resulting in 3 months of lost rental income. 

  • She moved back with a plan to acquire a second job to pay-off her setbacks, when a car accident and two work injuries left her with a disability, making it hard to obtain additional employment. To make matters worse, her current employer went out of business during this time, leaving her unemployed, disabled, and in a challenging situation to find a new career path.

  • Melissa is highly motivated, partnering with an employment coach to guide her next chapter. She has since made a successful career change that suits her disability, securing a sustainable job with higher income and future growth. 

  • Melissa’s future was looking bright, but she struggled to catch up on a past-due special assessment HOA payments.

  • CHC offered a helping hand, curing Melissa’s delinquent HOA payments. This single action not only kept her in her home but supported her path to a brighter future.

Melissa’s persistence through adversity paired with a little financial assistance from CHC turned her obstacles into opportunities. Today, she’s a hard-working employee and stable homeowner with a positive outlook for her financial future.